Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Maintenance Morning.
MsTioga and The Team have been spending the morning doing maintenance things. Some of the bottom edge of MsTioga's walls is wood exposed to the weather. We have been painting that wood.

Leveler bracket.
The leveler that was brought back to Mexico from the USA is mounted to MsTioga's frame. That frame is a channel, and the leveler is bolted to the bottom lip of that channel. Unfortunately, the lip has bent upwards a little by the weight of MsTioga. Now during lifting the action of the leveler appears to be binding the screw.

We want to have fabricated a bracket that will properly support the leveler and have designed that bracket as shown in the pic below.
New bracket for left-front leveler.

MsTioga at our Tabasco Camp.

4PM - Jalpa!
The Team is Camped in the City of Jalpa. MsTioga drove thru the huge downtown which went on and on. Our Camp is about a block off the highway thru town.

When we were still in Tabasco this morning, we made a stop to talk to a welder to see if he could fabricate up the bracket for the leveler. He did not have a gas welding setup that would be used to cut up the steel for our leveling bracket. So, we will keep looking for a welder.

6PM - Found a welding shop!
Little Mavicito and I went for a walk around Jalpa. And guess what we found? A welding shop! Adolfo is the shop manager, and I showed him my drawing. We came to an agreement for Adolfo's shop to make two weldments and attach them to MsTioga's frame. The work will be done tomorrow.

If I understood the price correctly, it is about $150 pesos [$15US]. I am not good with money numbers in Mexico.

MsTioga's new Camp is just up the hill from the welding shop. On the top of the mountain across the valley, is Guadalupe Church with a huge painting of The Virgin on the wall of the cliff.
MsTioga's new Camp near the welding shop.


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