Thursday, October 23, 2008

The miracle of the modern recreational vehicle.
I had wanted to live in an RV since about 1995. About then, I began to subscribe to Motorhome Magazine and looked longingly at the ads for RVs. However, it was not until the end of 2002 that my plans to actually own an RV approached reality.

One day in late 2002, I read about Motosat's Datastorm internet system. For years I was an internet addict. It dawned on me that if I could have an internet connection like Datastorm, that living in an RV fulltime would be more than fantastic, it would be a miracle!

That was when I began to go out to shop for an RV. Slowly the size of the RV that I wanted took shape. In my living room, I laid out my encyclopedia books on the carpet to represent the walls of my RV. Sitting in the middle of that rectangle of books, I imagined how it would be to live in that small space.

I went to all the RV stores in the area and spent hours and hours shopping. In January, 2003, I took a drive to Manteca, California where is located an RV store. I told a salesman what I was looking for, and he showed me an RV that was the same as MsTioga, but old and sorry looking. I wanted one just like this one, but in better condition. Then the salesman showed me MsTioga. Shiny bright she stood. Just exactly what I wanted!

I returned to Manteca on February 25, 2003, the day the cancer told me that I was in remission. And, I bought MsTioga!

What an exciting time the next several months were for me. I bought that Datastorm and had it installed in MsTioga. Next came the solar electric system, which I installed myself. Levelers were purchased, and installed by an RV mechanic. By April, 2003, I was going out on shake out trips to find out what else I needed for my RV home. I'd given up my apartment, and was living fulltime in MsTioga and using my son David's workshop to make stuff that I needed.

On June 7, 2003, I went out on a shake out trip. Suddenly it occurred to me that everything was perfect. There was nothing else to do. I stopped alongside the highway and phoned my son David with my cell phone. I told David that I was on my way. I would see him maybe in the fall. Wow!

5PM - Nite Camped in the City of Ixtlán del Rio.

MsTioga and The The Team passed by several pueblos during today's trip. We wanted to make a Camp in any of these little towns. However, the roads were just too narrow for us to park there.

Ixtlán del Rio is city sized. We have made our Nite Camp about a block off the highway.
MsTioga and George in Ixtlán del Rio.


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