Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Morning things.
When I go to take off Little Boid's nite cage cover, he is always on his ring. Boid likes to sleep on that ring much more than on a straight perch. It takes Boid about 15 minutes to wake up and begin chirping.
Boid on his ring.

Our morning walk is toward El Centro of the Pueblo of Santa Cruz del Astillero. We spotted a pic of the pueblo's plaza on Google Earth, and wanted to see the plaza ourselves. Below is Little Mavicito's pano pic of the plaza.
Plaza of Santa Cruz del Astillero.

We have a shopping chore to do on our morning walk. We need to buy some cheese. Most cheese found in the little towns is what we call "rancho cheese", and is soft and watery. We want to buy a harder cheese. There are a few abarotes [grocery stores] on the road to the plaza. One of them has a nice hard white cheese in the fridge. We also buy a French roll. We find French rolls of superior quality for sale in many small towns of Mexico.
Scrambled egg with onions topped
with cheese on the French roll.

3PM - Camped in Santa Teresa.
We have made our Nite Camp on the entrance road to the Town of Santa Teresa. This is farm country, and the main crop is "agave", a cactus used to manufacture tequila.

In the pic below, Santa Teresa is at the bottom of the hill and is hard to see.

Just as we were publishing this post, a cowboy drove his herd of cattle past a surprised MsTioga.
Our Nite Camp at Santa Teresa.

We are in the middle of a cattle drive!


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