Friday, October 24, 2008

Nothing to fear but fear itself.
When I took off on my vagabonding journey in June, 2003, there was only one thing that bothered me. Where would I make my Nite Camp? Everyday that same worry crept up into my mind and lurked there. This was not a good thing.

During the day I would be looking at maps and keeping my eyes open for a possible Camp. Even during the early morning I was concerned about where I would sleep. This concern about where I would sleep somewhat spoiled my daily trips. It was not until an entire year had gone by that I began to realize that every nite I found a place to sleep. And maybe I should stop worrying about finding my Nite Camp.

Of course there is another fear. That is the fear of criminals bothering me in some remote boondock site. I remember thinking about what a criminal would be doing way out in the forest? It would be a pretty sorry criminal trying to make a living where there are hardly any people. In fact, I have never during my six years of vagabonding ever been bothered by any criminal out in the forest, or anywhere else either.

One evening during my first few years of vagabonding, I was Camped along the Illinois River in southwest Oregon. Around 9pm a car drove up and parked close to MsTioga. I could see a man inside the car smoking a cigarette. After awhile, he walked over to MsTioga and knocked on the door. Opening the window [I was not about to open the door] I asked what he wanted, and he claimed to want to sell me gold that he had panned out of the river. I asked this guy if he thought that I was going to open my door and begin negotiating to buy his gold in the middle of the nite? He went away.

It is in cities where I have had some experiences which caused me to move. Once in San Diego, California I was Evening Camped in Mission Bay Park on a Friday evening. A bunch of young people began having a party near my Camp. It became a pretty loud party with music turned up to maximum. I decided to move Camp. That is one of the wonderful things about living in an RV. Wheels! Love those wheels.

As the years passed I developed the attitude about fear that I have today. I believe that fear spoils everything. I am prudent about where I go and where I Camp. I don't let fear mess with my sleep. If I am concerned for some reason, I go to my cabinet and bring out my machete and lay it on the table. It works for me!
No fear now!

12 Noon - Biking and breakfast.
Mr. Trek took us on a bike ride around our neighborhood. We found Ixtlán to be a very commercial city. Lots of welding shops for truck repair and welding. We passed a steel warehouse with a large crane for moving steel.

When we returned to MsTioga we found that somebody had moved a horse to graze in the field behind our Camp.
Grazing in a field of flowers.

Since it is the afternoon, it must be time for breakfast!


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