Friday, October 31, 2008

Readers write about hard times.
Over the past few weeks I've received email from readers who are going thru hard times. Some have seen their savings invested in stocks reduced in value, sometimes by half or even more. Some readers write to me about not being able to afford to live in their homes, and considering living in an RV as I do. They want to know how they can do that. But the main thing that comes thru in these emails, is worry and fear.

If a few readers write about things like this, there must be many others worrying too. I wondered what I could do to help. And I came up with this idea.

Note: If the video does not start, click on the "arrow" triangle.

8AM - High view of La Laguna Santa Maria.
As MsTioga climbed out of the crater which forms the bowl for La Laguna Santa Maria, Little Mavicito kept hopping out to take pics of the the gorgeous lake. Finally, at the last place to take a lake pic, he captured the view below!
La Laguna de Santa Maria.

12 Noon - Burger crazy.
You may know my friend and reader Terry Taylor who is the author of Camping Journal. Terry also publishes a blog and has been driving me crazy lately by visiting burger joints and publishing pics of the burgers she buys. Then Terry writes me email so that I will look at those burger pics.

Below is a pic of a burger that Terry ate recently at In-N-Out Burger.
In-N-Out: Double-Double, animal style.

So, when MsTioga and The Team entered the City of Tepic today and happened on a Burger King, of course my heart leaped with joy! A Whopper at Burger King does not compare to an In-N-Out burger. However, my Whopper was heaven for me!
My Burger King Whopper.

Readers Richard & Donna wrote email asking to see my Burger King Whopper. Richard & Donna, this one's for you!


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