Thursday, October 16, 2008

Retired and living in Mexico?
This morning an email arrived from a retired man wanting advice on living in Mexico. He and his wife are no longer able to live within their income. I struggled with my email reply because I don't have the answer.

My life is so different from most retired seniors. I am a vagabond. I do not follow the medical care routines that most seniors do [ie; regular visits to doctors].

However, I do know some things. If an American would choose to live in a small Mexican town, a house may be rented for around $100US/month. I met a shoeshine guy the other day who was paying $50US/month for a house.

I'm wondering if many Americans are now looking to Mexico? The current economy is such a big challenge!

1PM - Heading toward Calvillo.
Señorita Tioga and The Team have been living in the Town of Jalpa for 10 days! We feel that it is time to take a trip.

About 25 miles northeast of Jalpa is the City of Calvillo. We are heading up there to take a peek.

3:30PM - Camped in Calvillo.

When we arrived in the City of Calvillo, MsTioga drove thru town until she reached El Centro and the park in the plaza. Parking is very tight, so we moved away from El Centro.

Our Camp is on a dirt road alongside the river. We like this place because there is no traffic along this dirt road.
In the pic below, Little Mavicito looks at El Centro.

Late afternoon walk.
Little Mavicito is anxious to return to the plaza and take pics. What better time than the late afternoon, when the Sun's lite is perfect!

On the way back to Señorita Tioga, we bought some groceries at a store near the river.
The plaza park in Calvillo.


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