Saturday, October 25, 2008

RVing life!
There is nothing better for me than living in an RV. The day begins and only good things to do are on the agenda. There is no pressure. No hurrying. Playing with Little Boid. Listening to stuff on the XM radio. Searching the news on the internet.

Walking around the neighborhood of my Camp is a must do. Who knows what I may find on my walk? I love to meet people and strike up a conversation. People in Mexico seem to love to chat. In fact, I believe that chatting is the most favorite thing to do for the people of Mexico. Interestingly, I am really not a chatting kind of guy. But here in Mexico, I definitely am. And I do not know why!

Music is everywhere in Mexico. For some reason that I do not fully comprehend, people in Mexico love to play music and play it loud. Sharing music is the custom. That music flavors my life in Mexico, and somehow I feel that since I am not able to share that music with you, that you do not fully understand and feel what I feel. Sometimes I have used my camera [Little Mavicito] to record music and would like to play that recording for you while you read my post. Maybe someday I will figure out how to do that!

There is another thing that I hear a great deal in Mexico. It is laughter. Tons of laughter. I wish that my Spanish was better so that I could understand what the laughter was about. Nevertheless, I enjoy listening to that laughter sooooooo much!

Shakespeare in Love.
As I travel in Mexico, my eyes are open for DVDs for sale in WalMart, Bodega Auerrera or anyplace where legal copies of DVDS are sold. I bought "Shakespeare in Love", which is a play within a play; the inside play being "Romeo and Juliet." Oh! What a marvelous movie is "Shakespeare in Love!" And what great acting. Especially Gwyneth Paltrow.

This afternoon I watched this movie, and the ending got the tears to flow! At the ending, Viola is promised to another man and leaves forever for her new life in America. Her heartbroken Will [Shakespeare] begins to pen "The Twelfth Night" imagining that Viola is shipwrecked and cast away on an island.
Shakespeare in Love


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