Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We are staying at the lake!
This morning an email was received from Reader Nell who told of her experience with a propane gage similar to MsTioga's. Nell told us that when her gage was also at the 9 O'clock position, that 3-4 gallons of propane remained in the tank. Only when the gage was in the 7 O'clock position was the tank seriously low.

So, we talked it over at our Team Meeting this morning. We are staying at the lake!

Oscar works for Viejo Aztlan where we are Camped. Oscar told us of a little grocery store just down the road where we could buy bread, vegetables and fruit. So, we walked down there and went shopping.
Grocery at the lake.

7PM - What do you do all day?
We received two emails from readers who asked what there was to do all day here at our Santa Maria Laguna Camp?

Well, this afternoon was spent chatting with Oscar who is the gardener here and his friend who drives a taxi. Maybe for three hours we talked with these two guys. Oscar's kids were there too playing "Tasos", a game using the tokens that come with potato chips.

Now it is the evening, and I've just returned to MsTioga. Time for preparing supper. Fried chicken tonite!


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