Thursday, October 30, 2008

What happened to George today?
Reader Walt posted a question in ShoutBox. "Hey I wonder what happened to George today? Think he is enjoying the Lake and fell in?" Maybe this is what happens when I stay in a place that is soooooooo tranquil. I forget to make a post!

This morning I was messing around with the virtual reality Nikon camera that my friend and reader Mike Fousie gifted to me. I had not used this camera for quite awhile, and lost the software when my computer was stolen. I took some pics with it, and have asked Mike to send me the software.

During the afternoon, I went to the Viejo Aztlan restaurant for fish fillet. That is their best food.

MaƱana MsTioga and The Team will definitely pullout from this lovely lakeside camp and head to Tepic. We want to arrange for some work to be done on MsTioga. Repair or replace the dash heater, change transmission fluid. Stuff like that. Nothing serious. Just maintenance.

Are you thinking about staying at Viejo Aztlan?

If you are here are some hints:
  • Arrive on a weekday. There are only two level places for RVs. On weekends other visitors may be occupying these two places.
  • I had no big problem going thru the gate with MsTioga, who is 27 feet long. If you are much longer than that, may be a problem. Truck and trailer combos may be a problem.
  • The road down to the lake is narrow but doable. I saw a tour bus on this road.
  • I was paying 50 pesos per nite [less than $5US].


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