Sunday, October 19, 2008

Working on MsTioga.
The last of the headers for MsTioga's windows has been waiting to be finished for almost a year. We needed an inside board to support the cloth. Just a little while ago, that header was put up.
A bit flowery? Hmmmmm?

Remember when I scraped the light pole a few months ago? This morning the dark brown paint was applied to the door.
Painted door.

Heading toward Guadalajara.
As you may know, MsTioga and The Team have been making our Camps in and around the Town of Jalpa for about two weeks. There are two reasons for hanging around here.

One reason is to try and live within my Social Security income which nets out at $1,069/month. The other reason is to live at an elevation with a comfortable temperature and humidity.

At our Team Meeting this morning, Mr. Chips [computer] reported that the temperature in Guadalajara this week will be at a high ranging 78°F to 84°F. Humidity at 52%. Also, our expense so far in October is $870.

So, we decided to head out toward Guadalajara.

3PM - The Happy Chicken.
If Mexico excels at one food, it has got to be 'pollo asado' [BBQ chicken]. And one of the best places that sell pollo asado is Pollo Feliz [Happy Chicken]. We bought BBQ chicken at the Pollo Feliz store in the Town of Juchipila!
Happy Chicken store in Juchipila.

Does this chicken look happy?

Our Camp in the Town of Juchipila.


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