Monday, November 10, 2008

10AM - City of Tepic.
You may recall last week when we found a radiator shop in the City of Tepic. Their attempt to repair our leaking heater core failed. The shop is looking to find a replacement core for us. We have returned to Tepic to see what came of their search.

MsTioga has made a Morning Camp at the WalMart. We plan to eat breakfast here and do some grocery shopping.

2:30PM - Returned to our Aticama Pacific Ocean Camp!
The guys at the radiator shop found a heater core for MsTioga. Isn't that great? The cost for the core is $72US. We did not return to Ford for installation. I want to try that installation myself!

Now we have returned to our Camp at Aticama and the Pacific Ocean.
Showing our heater core at Camp Aticama.

Chlorinating water tank.
For readers who wrote suggesting that MsTioga's water tank be chlorinated because it was filled with river water. We have chlorinated the water.

MsTioga and The Team thank you sooooooo much for your concern for our welfare!

5:30PM - Watching the sunset.
MsTioga is positioned so that when I am sitting at supper I'm able to look out the windshield to view the Pacific Ocean. The view is subtle and beautiful. Little Mavicito wants to share the pic below with you.

We like the palm tree and two fisherman in the foreground of the sunset.
Sunset at Aticama.

Knowing when you've arrived?
"A journey begins with good bye.
How does a journey end?
I'm a rolling stone.
Looking for paradise."

Late this afternoon I took a pic. "Sunset at Aticama." ShoutBox poster "Sportsmobile" liked that pic. He suggested that it be considered as a replacement for my long lasting Santa Rosalia garden pic [the header pic]. We would include MsTioga in the pic. And of course, I would be there too.

For much of the evening I've been sitting in the dark looking out at that palm tree. XM Radio playing 70s rock-n-roll. Wondering? Wondering? How do I know when I've arrived?


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