Thursday, November 20, 2008

10AM - City of Tepic.
We left our Camp in the Pueblo of Aticama by the Ocean, and drove to the City of Tepic. There are several things to do. Laundry, haircut, grocery shopping and propane fill up.

Tepic is 35 miles away from Aticama. It took us a couple of hours to drive here on the mountain road thru the jungle.

Sundown at Aticama.
We completed our errands and headed back to our lovely Camp at Aticama. Baby Boid was a bit concerned as the afternoon shadows grew longer. Boid likes to be tucked in his cage for the nite before dark.

We arrived back at Aticama just before Sundown. Baby Boid is in his cage with the cover on top for sleeping. Little Mavicito hurried outside in order to take the pic below to share with you!
Back in Aticama!


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