Sunday, November 23, 2008

11AM - Sunday in Aticama.
As you may imagine, our life living on the beach at Aticama is very laid back. Especially on Sunday. I did not get out of bed until 7:30am, instead of my usual 6am. Little Boid was already up, having gone under his cage cover. Boid was tweeting and saying his words.

Inside MsTioga the temp is a little above 90°F and comfortable. Outside it is cooler, with a bit of cloud cover. A few families have arrived from Tepic to spend the day here.

I've made a light lunch. A quesadilla with chicken and onions.
Quesadilla and salad.

These precious days.
I am a very lucky guy. I have been given the wonderful gift of "These precious days."

My body has no aches or pains. I'm able to easily climb up to MsTioga's roof. My brain still works reasonably well. My 50-year goal of being fluent in Spanish has been [more-or-less] achieved! My income covers expenses. The park/beach where I am living is soooooo tranquel. So beautiful.

All I have to do is to stay in the now of time. All I have to do is have the perspective of how precious are these days.
A precious evening.


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