Thursday, November 06, 2008

6:30AM - A walk on the beach.
Dawn breaks pretty early here on this west coast beach of Mexico. Little Mavicito and I took a walk down the beach before sunrise. Fisherman are out, mostly in oar powered boats. Birds are all over the place, looking for breakfast.
Do you see MsTioga under the palms?

7:30AM - Solar panels.
Our Campsite is under the palm trees. Not good for solar charging our battery bank. So, MsTioga moved about 30 feet to the rear and is now positioned for good solar charging for much of the day.

Our solar panels are tilted as you may see in the pic below. When the panels were raised, we noticed that one of the panels had been "egged" during Halloween. This led to cleaning all of the panels and also washing MsTioga's front.
View of our Aticama Camp.

Boid is a funny guy.

Little Boid has a very cute sense of humor. He likes to play games with me. His favorite game is tag. Flying on to Ms. Viola's monitor is a no-no, because Boid poops from there. So, I shoo him away. Then he flies down to my mouse hand and pecks at my fingers. Then up on my head, walking around. Then back to Ms. Viola.

Boid is fast. Very fast. Much faster than I am. And, he knows it and uses his speed to win the tag game every time.
Boid on Ms. Viola's monitor.

11AM - MsTioga's Meat Loaf.
Yesterday while in the City of Tepic, we bought ground beef in order to make meat loaf. Do you love meat loaf? We sure do! Click [Here] to see MsTioga's meat loaf recipe!
Meat loaf ready for the oven.

Meat loaf ready to eat. The other
skillet has a quesadilla for lunch.

A pic just before dark.
Little Mavicito wanted to try his skill at taking a pic of our Camp just before dark. Little Mavicito is a baby Nikon.
Our Aticama Camp just before dark.


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