Wednesday, November 12, 2008

7AM - High tide!
The Pacific Ocean's waves are flowing upstream into the little river. There is a very high tide.

It is a gorgeous morning. Temperature at 72°F and as you may see in the pic below, T-shirt and short pants weather.
Jorge looking at the high tide.

10AM - Staying on!
Fernando walked over to MsTioga's window, looked inside and waved at me. Fernando is the fellow who owns the land where I have been camping for the past week.

I walked out and said Buenos Dias. Fernando asked if I liked staying here. I replied that I loved it here and then I asked him, "Do you want more money?" I had paid Fernando 150 pesos upon arriving for a three day stay [$4US].

Have you read my first blog page May 14, 2003? On that page I declared our motto to be, "Never pay rent." So what am I doing here paying rent to Fernando? I handed over additional rent to Fernando and went inside MsTioga to make breakfast.
The pic is my Mom and Grandma - 1932.


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