Saturday, November 01, 2008

8AM - Camped at The WalMart!
We have made a Day Camp at the WalMart in Tepic. The first thing we did was to go on a bike ride. Behind the WalMart is a nice neighborhood, and we drove thru it looking for a laundry where we could wash clothes. We found a laundry not too far away.

The plan is to wash MsTioga a bit, eat breakfast and then shop in WalMart. Then, we will go to the laundry and wash clothes!
Washing MsTioga in WalMart parking lot.

Budget posted for October, 2008.
Do you remember that we posted about trying to keep monthly expenses for October, 2008 below my Social Security income? Well, we got pretty close!

This means that most of our Google AdSense income goes into savings this month. We are encouraged to be very thrifty at this time because of the current economic times.

If you would like to take a peek at our Budget pages, click [Here].

Note: You may also reach our Budget pages by clicking on our Home page link at the bottom of our blog and then entering "Behind the Scenes."


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