Saturday, November 29, 2008

8AM - Goodbye Aticama.
This morning we headed south out of our 3+ week Camp next to the little river in Aticama. This Camp is a wonderful place. However, MsTioga and The Team are vagabonds. We yearn to find new places and adventures as we travel along the road!

10AM - Breakfast Camped in Zacualpan.
We came to the good sized town of Zacualpan, and needing breakfast and a few things from a grocery, we made a Morning Camp here.
Shopping in Zacualpan.

2PM - Nite Camped near Guayabitos.

During our trip today, we tried several times to get close to the Ocean. MsTioga believes that our Aticama Camp spoiled The Team. Maybe so!

We have made a Nite Camp near Guayabitos, next to a large sports field. The highway to Puerto Vallerta is a couple of hundred yards away.
MsTioga and The Team near Guayabitos.


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