Thursday, November 13, 2008

9AM - Exploring the Pueblo of Aticama.
This is our eighth day in Aticama Camped next to the Pacific Ocean and the little river. Except for walking to the center of Aticama, we have never explored the neighborhoods of the little town.

However, this morning Mr. Trek has volunteered to take Little Mavicito and myself on an exploring ride!

11AM - We are back!
It did not take us two hours to do our exploring. We love to visit and chat, and spent some time doing that.

We found a salon for cutting hair. Several groceries. An ocean front park. The streets in the neighborhoods are mostly paved with stones. Mr. Trek goes slowly on such streets.
The street with the most shops.

Ocean front park.

2PM - Popcorn!
There is microwave popcorn aboard MsTioga. I've never tried to use our microwave from battery power because it draws about 80 amps. We have two inverters. One is a 2000 watt inverter/charger which has more than enough capacity.

Guess what? The microwave worked great and the popcorn was perfect. The battery bank's voltage dropped down from 14.2 volts to 12.3 volts during the 4 minutes to pop the corn. However, the bank completely recharged itself in only about 1/2 hour! Pretty neat, huh?

You may read a MsTioga Magazine story about our solar electric system by clicking [here]


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