Wednesday, November 05, 2008

9AM - Heading toward the coast.
MsTioga and The Team are leaving the City of Tepic and heading toward the coast. On the way out of town we plan to look for some radiator shops in order to learn if our heater core may be rebuilt.

A new heater core may be easily bought in the USA and shipped to our Ford dealer in Tepic. However, we are not completely sure if the core that we buy in the USA will be compatible. We got a part number from our Ford dealer, but it appears as though the dimensions are different from the cores that we find online.

This will work itself out in time, but we don't know how yet. It's a mystery!

10AM - Radiadores Proliance.
We bought some distilled water for our batteries at an auto parts store. While there, we asked if there was radiator shop that might be able to repair our heater core and were told about a shop not too far away.

The guys at this radiator shop tried to repair our heater core. The repair job was not successful because of the dissimilar materials used. This shop is going to try to locate a heater core in Tepic. We will return next week to see what comes of this.
Working on the heater core.

3PM - The Playa of Aticama.
MsTioga and The Team headed toward the Pueblo of Santa Cruz. On our maps, Santa Cruz is on the beach. However when we tried to use the tiny dirt road to the beach, it proved to be not a good thing for MsTioga. So, we headed north toward Playa Los Cocos.

We found a little RV park where there were three American RVs. This park did not pass our inspection!

Moving north we came to the ocean side Pueblo of Aticama. We met Fernando who owns a grass covered beach here. We made an offer to pay 150 pesos [$12US] for a three nite stay. Our offer was accepted.
On the beach at Aticama.

Fishing at Aticama.


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