Monday, November 03, 2008

9AM - MsTioga has a date at the Ford dealer.
There is a reason why we are hanging around in the City of Tepic. There is a Ford dealer here. We like their service department. MsTioga came here last Friday in order to get an appointment for service.

MsTioga wants her transmission fluid to be changed. Also, do you remember when the dash heater began to leak a few months ago? We want to get that heater repaired or replaced.

Our appointment is for tomorrow, Tuesday, at 8am.

Joy and surprise of Mexico.
Although I have lived in Mexico for much of the past six years, I continue to be surprised. I am Camped at the WalMart. A little while ago upon returning to MsTioga, I saw two Moms holding their daughter's hands while walking in the parking lot. Why does this give me joy?

Did you know that it is very common for women to walk together holding hands in Mexico? Just because they are friends and have affection. For no other reason.

Makes me feel good to see these things!


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