Tuesday, November 11, 2008

9AM - Things to see and to do.
This morning a different kind of fisherman arrived. All the others cast their nets and lines at random. This fisherman hunts the fish. Crouching low in the water, somehow he is able to see the fish swimming beneath. Then, he throws his net. Most often he has success.

Birds come to search for things to eat. And fisherman come in their boats. Little Boid speaks his words. "Jump-Jump" and "Baby-Boid" are two of his favorites. I sweep the carpet, wash the dishes and put things in their place. Then, take up my binoculars to peek at what is happening.

4:30PM - Sand castles.

Some of the neighborhood kids are building a sand castle on the shore of the little river. They have been working on it for 1/2 hour!
Kids building a sand castle.


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