Friday, November 14, 2008

All the many places!
When I was putting the Yesterday/Tomorrow buttons on my blog, some of the months were passed over. September, 2005, is one of those months. Lately, I've been working on the buttons that are missing.

Of course I read the page as I am editing. It blows me away to read about all the many places that I've visited since beginning on my journey. In truth, I cannot remember exactly where I've traveled over the past six years. It is remarkable to think about what may be accomplished by just moving a few miles a day.

Our calendar.
Have you used our "Calendar" which is located at the top of the left column of this blog? Take a peek. You may easily go to any page in our blog with only three clicks!

This morning I went randomly around in my Calendar. I'd forgotten that I was still going to my doctor for cancer scans in October 1, 2003.

The tide.
Lately there have been very high and low tides. The high tides flow up the little river raising the water level several inches. When low tides come, the little river flows a couple hundred yards to reach the Ocean.
Looking up the little river at low tide.

2PM - RV neighbors.
We now have two RV neighbors. A family moved in to the park with two RVs. They are Mexican gypsies, according to what they told me. They do not live in one particular place, but travel around.
Our new neighbors.

I love, Love Stories!
It's very true. I am a sucker for movies about people in love. Not soap opera stuff. Real love where hearts break and people meet despite all odds.

This evening I watched, "Must Love Dogs", a movie about two people who have lost their mates and are having trouble getting dates. Only thing is, that these two people are actors Diane Lane and John Cusack. Can you in your wildest dreams imagine these two people having trouble getting a date? They are both drop-dead gorgeous.

Anyway, they end up with each other which is just the best thing, as far as I am concerned. I love it when love stories end perfect!


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