Saturday, November 22, 2008

A family on the beach.
A truck parks across the little river near our Camp. A Dad, Mom and two sisters. A bunch of stuff is unloaded and carried across the river to make their camp on the beach.

In minutes a kitchen is setup. A table, fire/stove. Pots and things cooking to eat. Mom cooks, Dad repairs fishing gear, the sisters run around playing in the water. Sometimes the girls bring a piece of wood for Mom's fire.
Life on the beach.

Washing clothes.
Later on in the afternoon, the Mom went into the river to wash clothes. She worked for a couple of hours doing laundry.

It has been my experience that most laundry in Mexico is done by hand.
Doing laundry in the little river.

5:30PM - Bathing in the little river.

Every afternoon about this time, I go down to the little river to bathe. It is past sundown, but there is still light.

When I return to MsTioga, I am all fresh and clean and smell like a baby because I use Johnson's Baby Shampoo for my soap!


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