Monday, November 17, 2008

Fishing for family food.
For 12 days we have been watching men come to fish in order to put food on their table. The mouth of the little river is a good fishing spot. There is one man who is a better fisherman than all of the others. He only casts his net when he sees a fish. All of the other fishermen, cast and cast and cast. But catch little.
The best fisherman coming in with a catch.

The morning catch.

The north shore at low tide on our morning walk.

Travel with Larry and Betty.
You may remember that Reader Larry and his wife Betty have been Camping in the same park as MsTioga and The Team. Along with Larry and Betty are three other RVs with friends all visiting Mexico together.

Larry made a really neat blog post. With music and everything! We on The Team want to share that post with you!


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