Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Larry and other RVs leave this morning.
Our Camp neighbors will be pulling out and heading south this morning. So, Little Mavicito and I went over to take a pic of Larry for our memories. While Larry and I were talking, Larry spotted a gorgeous bird with beautiful red plumage!
George and Larry in Aticama.

Vermillion flycatcher.

Note: The 'vermillion flycatcher' and 'scarlet tanager' look much alike. The bird in the above pic has been hanging around MsTioga all day and I've been looking at it with binoculars. After comparing this bird to Google images, there is no doubt that the bird is the vermillion flycatcher.

Several readers have emailed and written in ShoutBox about this bird.

1PM - Beaked by Baby Boid.
Little Boid loves to beak me. Especially my hand when I am using the computer mouse. While he is beaking me, he mimes the words that I say to him. "Baby Boid" "Jump Jump Baby Boid" Also my whistles and chirps!

Baby Boid is a delight to have as a friend. He has absolutely no fear of me.
Baby Boid beaking my hand.

Afternoon bath.
Every afternoon I go down to the little river and take a bath. There is a place where the river turns left and flows down to the Pacific Ocean. At this place the water is about three feet deep and has a gravel bottom without sand. That is the best place for my bath.

Afterward, I sit in front of MsTioga for much of the afternoon just watching the birds and enjoying the day. I've thought about moving on, but so far have remained here.
After my bath.


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