Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The lean-to.
Ever since we began to Camp here in Aticama, a lean-to of palm leaves remained on the gravel beach on the other side of the little river. Some guys would sit in the shade of the lean-to during the afternoon, drinking beer and talking.

A dump truck arrived yesterday, and began hauling away the gravel berm on which the lean-to stood. The guys moved the lean-to down to the beach; a precarious place. This morning the tide swept the lean-to away.
The dump truck returned this morning.

The fourth Wednesday of each month is payday. That's when Social Security is deposited to my bank account. It is not clear to me why I enjoy payday soooooo much. But I do!

My ad income was deposited into the bank today also. Wow! And, my ad pay is back into the $800/month range again. You may remember that last month in October, my ad income dropped down to a low $500.

For me, Google AdSense income is a miracle.


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