Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lucky living near water.

If you live near water, you are a lucky thing. You get to view the birds coming to the water to eat and drink. Little Mavicito has to be very careful to view the birds near our Camp. Many birds fly away when we try to take their pics. So, we often take pics from inside MsTioga.

This morning the tide is especially high. Fishermen in their boats are able to come very close to the shore.

Doing something.
I have been Camped here in Aticama over three weeks. It is soooooo easy to just sit around, which is no good. I have got to be disciplined in order to keep active.

There are two things that I do to keep busy. One is working-out and the other is cleaning. Fortunately, I like to do both of these things!
Jorge working-out.


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