Saturday, November 08, 2008

Planned to head out of Aticama.
MsTioga and I had planned to head out from our Aticama Camp this morning. However, this place is so pleasant that we are both rethinking that plan.

There is lots to see from our Camp. Townspeople come down to the river to play and bathe. The river runs right by our Camp before entering the Ocean. This morning we partially filled our water tank with river water. We only use our water tank for showers, the toilet and washing dishes.

The view from our Camp is wonderful. We love Ocean waves and can look at them for hours!
Jorge and and Baby Boid at Aticama.

11AM - Totopos y guacamole.
During much of the morning I've been lounging on our lawn chair in the shade of MsTioga. Dreams of totopos [corn chips] y guacamole going around in my head.

The little grocery store in Aticama is very well stocked compared to most small town groceries. Fruits and vegetables and several bags of totopos!
El Centro de Aticama.

On the way back to MsTioga we decided to take a short cut and cross the river. Little Mavicito took the pic below of our Camp.
MsTioga at our Camp in Aticama.


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