Saturday, November 15, 2008

The RV World of 1937.
In 1937, the year that I was born, a short film was produced about the beginning of the world of RVs. And what a wonderful world this is!

Hotel Paraiso Wireless Network.
Just south of our Camp at the Pueblo of Aticama, is the Hotel Paraiso. The hotel has an unsecured wireless network. Using this wireless connection, I am able to connect to the internet.

This is pretty neat! I am using AVG firewall protection in order to prevent hacking and other attacks. Unfortunately I am not able to view Fancast movies using the Hotel Paraiso connection and I do not know why?

3PM - More RVs arrive.

There was a knock on MsTioga's door. It is Larry, a reader of my blog with whom I've emailed before. Larry has his own blog. Larry and his wife Betty are traveling in Mexico with their friends in an RV caravan. They plan to remain at this Camp in Aticama for three days!
The RV caravan.


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