Sunday, November 02, 2008

Two Story Camping Car!
An email from Reader Dave Pelletier told of a group of Japanese men who built a "Two Story Camping Car" for their trip around Japan.

This is a fantastic accomplishment for these three men who are not engineers. Reading their story, blew me away!

Click [Here] to view.

Note: Be sure to view the movie first! The link for the movie is just beneath "For Sale" in their story.

1PM - North side of Tepic.
Our Camp last nite and this morning in the center of Tepic was in a site where buses drove by and parked. We wanted to find a place a bit more quiet, and have made a new Camp in the north side of the city.

Little Boid wants you to know that he loves this place. A small sparrow flew up to the window, looking in at Boid. What an exciting thing that was! Also, Boid has been learning how to copy my whistles, and is very good at mimicry.
George & Boid in north Tepic.


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