Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Loving my life.
Reader Larry wrote in an email, "As a long time reader of your blog, I wonder if you have lost your focus on your blog. I am now only an occasional reader because you say very little of interest."

When I first began RVing fulltime, I was 65 years old. Now I am 71. Lots has changed. The biggest thing that's happened is that I've slowed up. I seem to be very content to be staying around this little town of Aticama. Nite Camping near the Little River. Day Camped at the beach.

I have to admit that I am loving my life. I'm filled with happiness just to watch the waves come in. To see the birds doing their things. To watch and talk with people on the beach.

What happened to my endless quest to find out what is beyond the next bend in the road? Am I still a Vagabonder-Supreme? Or have I turned into a beach bum? Hmmmmm?

7AM - Crossed the creek!
Ever since we have been camping on the beach north of Aticama, MsTioga has been afraid to cross the little creek. The creek runs thru the beach, and as you may know, MsTioga has gotten stuck on beaches several times.

But we have seen many trucks and cars cross the creek. So, this morning we got our courage up and went across. No problema!
Tioga and George after crossing the creek.

Thank you!
MsTioga and all of The Team thank you for letting us share our 2008 adventure with you. And what an adventure this year has been!

We had no idea when we entered Mainland Mexico that we would end 2008 actually living fulltime in this wonderful country. Sharing with you is soooooo important to us. We all love telling you what goes on every single day!

See you next year,


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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Big family gone.
Yesterday afternoon we learned that the big family that had been camping at El Corcoron park was gone. You may recall that we moved from the park several days ago when the family began to play real loud boom-boom music.

For a bit we thought about moving back into the park. Then we didn't. MsTioga and The Team like Nite Camping next to the Little River upstream of the park. And Day Camping right on the beach as we have been doing lately.

We have 8-days of unused rent at the park. $40US. But no matter. We won't give up our present tweaked camping plan which we love.

3PM - The beach is wide...... very low tide!


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Monday, December 29, 2008

8:30AM - Jungle road to the beach.
This morning we tried to make a Camp on the beach in front of the El Greco Hotel and Restaurant. This is the place that has an RV campground that we told you about in a prior post.

We drove around the big hill thru the jungle. This dirt road is pretty narrow. Luckily, we only met one truck coming the other direction. When we arrived at the beach, there was no safe path across the sand. So, we have returned to the beach Camp that we have made over the past several days.

Little Honda on-the-job!
For two days it has been cloudy. Very little electricity coming from Mr. Sunny's solar panels. Right now, less than 5 amps are coming in from the panels. Should be 20+ amps.

So, our Little Honda 1KW generator has been on-the-job in order to charge our solar battery bank. Although it is cloudy, it's still warm enough to be T-shirt and short pants weather.
View from our breakfast table.

Interested in our Solar Electric System?
We have published a bunch of stories in our MsTioga Magazine. One is "Solar Electricity", which describes are solar electric equipment.

You will find a link to MsTioga Magazine in the footer of our blog. There are many stories in MsTioga Magazine which you may like.


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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kosher Mexican Milk!
Being a Jewish guy, I am surprised to find Jewish things here in Mexico. Remember that synagogue up in the Sierras this past summer?

This morning while eating my favorite cereal, Kellogg's Extra topped with cut-up banana, I was surprised again. The bottle of Mexican milk is Kosher, and has a Kosher certification seal.
Kosher milk.

The wonder of Challenge!
When first beginning to be a fulltimer in 2003, I was financially challenged. With an income of less than $1,000/month there was no way that I would be able to pay rent. And that is the reason that I planned to never stay in RV campgrounds.

However, what a fantastic benefit this financial challenge has proven to be for me. I was forced to look for dry or boondock camps. What great adventures I have had because of searching for camps!

Even now this challenge pays such wonderful dividends. Would I be camped on this fabulous beach without challenge? Traveling each nite to the Little River for my bath? Or would I be staying in an RV campground with full hookups?


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Saturday, December 27, 2008

High Tide!
Last nite we Camped next to the Little River. This morning MsTioga and The Team have returned to our beach Camp north of Aticama. What a surprise to find that the morning's tide had moved beyond our Camp. Wow!

When we read the tide chart yesterday, it showed that the tide would be going lower over the next few days. We must have read the wrong date for that tide chart. Lucky that we moved off the beach.

Teaching Boid more stuff.

More people come to the beach on weekends. When people walk past MsTioga and see Little Boid looking at them from our window, they are surprised. Looking out the window is one of Little Boid's favorite things.

Lately, I have been teaching Boid a new phrase. It is: "Give a kiss." You would be surprised how often when I say "Give a kiss" to Boid that he actually gives me a kiss.
Give a kiss.

Fish supper.
While walking on the beach we saw several families cooking. Some had gas stoves, and some built fires for food prep. There are restaurants along the beach too.

Back in MsTioga's kitchen, I prepared a nice fish supper.
I love to cook!

4:30PM - Back at Aticama's Little River.
Yesterday we returned to Aticama to do shopping and remained over nite at the Little River. This turned out great! MsTioga was able to do some driving, which she likes to do everyday. Little Boid loves to do some traveling. And I got to take a bath in the Little River.

Maybe this should be our everyday thing. Go to the beach in the morning, and return to the Little River at nite! Hmmmm?

While I'm typing this post to you, Luciano Pavarotti is singing "O Sole Mio" on the XM Radio. Perfecto!


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Friday, December 26, 2008

6:30AM - Tide trying for MsTioga.
There are some tides high enough to reach MsTioga. Not this morning's tide, however. Perhaps a couple of feet short.
MsTioga high and dry.

Stuck truck.
During the nite, a truck drove behind MsTioga in attempting to exit the beach. The beach road is in front of MsTioga.

In the pic below, you may see the result. The truck drove into a fallen palm tree. The driver, perhaps unaware of the palm because of darkness, dug deep into the beach sand and had to walk home. I remained sleeping, and did not hear what went on only a few feet away.
Stuck in the sand.

RV Park on-the-beach.
On our morning walk we came upon an RV camped in an RV park. We had a nice conversation with RV owner, Del, who is from Vancouver, British Columbia. Del loves this spot, for which he pays $90US/week. Includes 15 amp service, water and dump station.
RV park.

12 Noon - Camped at the Little River.

We need some groceries and drove MsTioga into Aticama to do shopping. A decision was made to Camp at the Little River for tonite.

Now we have three places to Camp in Aticama. #1 is next to the Ocean and Little River. #2 is away from the Ocean next to Little River [where we are now]. #3 is on the beach north of Aticama.


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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas on the beach.
It is Christmas day, and many people have their work day off. The beach where we are Camped is a popular destination for families living in Tepic.
Do you see the little beach restaurants?

Nirvana dilemma.

You may have detected that I've been going thru a dilemma lately. A nirvana dilemma. The nirvana that I write about is: "An ideal condition of rest, harmony, stability, or joy."

The first inkling that I may have reached a nirvana place was the day that I published my new header pic. The pic that you see now at the top of my blog. I chose that pic because it shows me in this seemingly perfect place which is the Town of Aticama.

A few weeks later when heading south, the thought of nirvana struck me again. That was when Mr. Datastorm drove outside of his satellite footprint. It came to me that I had left my nirvana place. So, I returned to Aticama.

But I am a vagabond, a guy who travels around. A vagabond who has found his nirvana. What a dilemma! Hmmmmm?


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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Being thankful.
For awhile this morning, the town's loud speaker system was taken over by a lady talking about the Christmas season. The speaker system is usually used for announcing things for sale in stores and restaurants.

The voice spoke about how blessed is this town, and went on to list all the things for which to be thankful. The ocean providing food. No storms this year. How peaceful is Aticama. The voice went on naming various families who have received visits recently from family living in the "other side". Mexicans call the USA, "El otro lado" [The other side].

The voice suggested in closing that all should be thankful for what they have, and not be sad for what they don't have.

Listening to this voice made me soooooooo happy!

4PM - Moved Camp north.
The big family camped on the beach began to crank up their music systems this afternoon. So, we moved our Camp to the beach north of Aticama.

Take a look at our location on Google Earth [link below]. This beach is wide and goes on for many miles.
MsTioga on the beach.

View of mansion on the cliff.

Little Mavicito went close to the Ocean and took a pic looking east. This pic is made big so that you may zoom in to see the mansion on the cliff.
View of the mansion.

You've Got Mail!
During the evening our Camp on the beach got soooooooo quiet. No cars passed. Don't you love it when it is perfectly quiet?

I decided to watch a movie. Because it is a perfect nite to watch a movie. And the movie that I chose is "You've Got Mail." A love story! I am a sucker for love stories. Especially tear jerker love stories, which this one is.

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan fall for each other after they meet on the internet. My eyes are still damp as I type this post to you!

Merry Christmas. I hope that you get something wonderful.


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