Saturday, December 06, 2008

11:30AM - Finally back online!
Did you miss us? We sure missed you! And we are soooooo glad to be back online!

We headed south early Friday morning. Every time we stopped to make a Camp, Mr. Datastorm was not able to complete his sign-on process for our satellite. We must be at the edge of the satellite footprint for SatMex-5 [our satellite].

Looking at our maps, we saw that the coastline south of us, followed a somewhat south-eastern course. Our thinking was, that this might bring Mr. Datastorm back within the footprint. That did not happen. The farther we traveled, the lower Mr. Datastom's signal became! Very distressing.

New plan.
We arrived in the Town of Melaque and made a Camp close to the shore of the Bahia Natividad. Again, Mr. Datastorm could not get thru the last part of his sign-on routine [TX-09].

We decided to stay the nite in Melaque and in the morning head north on highway Mex #80, toward Guadalajara. Highway #80 heads northeast, and should bring us back within the satellite footprint.

7AM [Saturday] - Traveling on Highway #80.
We stopped every 1/2 hour and tried to get online. There was some improvement in the satellite signal. But we still could not get online.

In the Town of La Huerta, Mr. Datastorm was sure that he could now be successful. We even made a Day Camp there and prepared breakfast. Everybody was soooooo sure that we could do it. But we were wrong again.

11AM - Town of Autlan.

We have made a Day Camp in Autlan. Surely we can get online from here. The signal here is a MUCH stronger 66. Almost to a normal 70.

But Mr. Datastrom stalled out again! Darn! We pulled out our maps to locate the closest place to Autlan where we last were online. While looking at those maps, Mr. Datastorm got online. Wow! We are sooooooo happy!


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