Friday, December 12, 2008

12 Midnite - The Brass Band.
There must be an important fiesta [holiday] . At midnite one church bell counted to 12 signaling to all that the new day had arrived. Then all the church bells in Ahualulco de Mercado began to ring. A cacophony of bells that sounded sooooo beautiful. After the bells, there were rockets shooting into the air over the center of town, exploding with huge booms and a fireworks display.

Then came the brass band. I have heard the same sounding brass band all over Mexico. High school student brass bands. Practicing in the early school morning. They are always the same. Discordant and off key. But they are loud, and being loud is very important in Mexico.

Somehow tonite, I felt the pride that the people of this town feel for their own high school brass band. Discordant, off key, loud, but beautiful too.

Note: Several readers posted in ShoutBox that the fiesta is "The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe."

The Yellow paved road.

Our Guia-Roji map book of Mexico has many roads marked with yellow lines. MsTioga and The Team thinking that these yellow roads were unpaved dirt, did not follow them. But we were wrong!

We have been following the Yellow Roads lately, and they are paved. We only traveled on Yellow Roads today. This area reminds us of arid Southern California because of the plants that cover these hills.

3PM - Amatlán de Cañas.
We have made our Nite Camp in the quiet town of Amatlán de Cañas. MsTioga has descended from the 4,000'+ elevation of the past few days when were in traveling thru the Sierras [mountains]. Amatlán de Cañas is at 2,500' elevation.

It should be warmer here. Perhaps Mr. Wave-6 [catalytic heater] may rest tonite? Mr. Wave-6 has been on-the-job for several nites while we were in the Sierras.
Main Street of Amatlán de Cañas.


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