Saturday, December 13, 2008

3PM - Pueblo of Uzeta.
MsTioga headed out of our Nite Camp in the Pueblo of Amatlán de Cañas about mid-morning. We had intended to make another Nite Camp not too faraway. However, as it happens now and then, our Nite Camp did not turn up to be close.

We traveled up and down thru the mountains. This is farming country. The major crops are sugar cane and cactus to make tequilla.

The Team has arrived in the Pueblo of Uzeta. We are Camped in the lot of a restaurant. The owner gave permission to stay the nite. We are close to the center of town.
Our Uzeta Camp.

Buying homes and cars in Uzeta.

There is something that I learned that I'd like to share with you. Something sort of shocking. People who live in this tiny town where I am Camped, buy their homes for cash. They do not use credit! Isn't that something?

I had a long conversation with Chato, the fellow who owns the restaurant where MsTioga is parked. Chato worked as a cook in Chicago and Los Angeles for several years. He returned to this town of Uzeta where he bought his restaurant. His home is on the 2nd floor above the restaurant. I asked Chato how he was able to buy his restaurant and he confided that he saved up for it and paid cash.

Later on in the afternoon, a family came out and sat on benches in front of their home. I walked over and said hello and they invited me to sit down. During our conversation, I asked the husband where he worked? He told me that he owned a farm growing sugar cane. He saved up for many years to buy his land. He paid cash for his land. He added that he works seven days each week.

We talked about credit. The husband told me that people in town who buy cars and trucks pay cash. I noticed that many of the trucks that drove by were pretty new. Amazing!


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