Friday, December 26, 2008

6:30AM - Tide trying for MsTioga.
There are some tides high enough to reach MsTioga. Not this morning's tide, however. Perhaps a couple of feet short.
MsTioga high and dry.

Stuck truck.
During the nite, a truck drove behind MsTioga in attempting to exit the beach. The beach road is in front of MsTioga.

In the pic below, you may see the result. The truck drove into a fallen palm tree. The driver, perhaps unaware of the palm because of darkness, dug deep into the beach sand and had to walk home. I remained sleeping, and did not hear what went on only a few feet away.
Stuck in the sand.

RV Park on-the-beach.
On our morning walk we came upon an RV camped in an RV park. We had a nice conversation with RV owner, Del, who is from Vancouver, British Columbia. Del loves this spot, for which he pays $90US/week. Includes 15 amp service, water and dump station.
RV park.

12 Noon - Camped at the Little River.

We need some groceries and drove MsTioga into Aticama to do shopping. A decision was made to Camp at the Little River for tonite.

Now we have three places to Camp in Aticama. #1 is next to the Ocean and Little River. #2 is away from the Ocean next to Little River [where we are now]. #3 is on the beach north of Aticama.


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