Tuesday, December 09, 2008

7AM - Batteries and Movie Madness!
You may know that I am mad for movies! One of my favorite things is watching movies. Using Mr. Sunny's battery bank at nite watching movies is the main reason we have a large solar electric system.

This morning we moved a few hundred yards from our Nite Camp into a sunny place. Up went Mr. Sunny's solar panels to capture electric power. This morning we need 78 amp-hours electricity to completely recharge.
Mr. Sunny's panels, up and charging.

Scared of Mexico?
A reader wrote asking, "Are you telling us that in all your travels through Mexico no one has put any kind of scare into you?"

It is true that I have found Mexico to be a very peaceful place for me to live. I've read about drug crime, including murders. However, I've never seen any sign of this kind of criminal activity.

For me I've found that being scared comes from inside, from my imagination. I do not want my imagination ruining my good times. So, I don't let it.


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