Monday, December 29, 2008

8:30AM - Jungle road to the beach.
This morning we tried to make a Camp on the beach in front of the El Greco Hotel and Restaurant. This is the place that has an RV campground that we told you about in a prior post.

We drove around the big hill thru the jungle. This dirt road is pretty narrow. Luckily, we only met one truck coming the other direction. When we arrived at the beach, there was no safe path across the sand. So, we have returned to the beach Camp that we have made over the past several days.

Little Honda on-the-job!
For two days it has been cloudy. Very little electricity coming from Mr. Sunny's solar panels. Right now, less than 5 amps are coming in from the panels. Should be 20+ amps.

So, our Little Honda 1KW generator has been on-the-job in order to charge our solar battery bank. Although it is cloudy, it's still warm enough to be T-shirt and short pants weather.
View from our breakfast table.

Interested in our Solar Electric System?
We have published a bunch of stories in our MsTioga Magazine. One is "Solar Electricity", which describes are solar electric equipment.

You will find a link to MsTioga Magazine in the footer of our blog. There are many stories in MsTioga Magazine which you may like.


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