Sunday, December 14, 2008

8AM - Cabinet repair.
This morning we found that a portion of our cab-over cabinet shelf had dropped. The vertical back had come away from the shelf. A small plastic bag of sugar had worked its way down between the back and the shelf. That's how we noticed the problem.

The shelf was jacked into position using a small board. Then woodworker's glue was applied to secure the back to the shelf. Clamps hold the pieces together while the glue sets.

The Team has a ton of tools, parts and screws to do our own repairs!
Repairing cab-over cabinet.

1PM - Camped in Tepic.

We have arrived in Tepic and have made a Day Camp in a Soriana [like WalMart] parking lot. There is Burger King a few feet away!!

4PM - Office Depot.
There is an Office Depot in the neighborhood. This is a good place to shop for ink cartridges for our HP C4280 printer/copier/scanner. This HP unit is the best one that we on the TiogaRV Team have owned. It has held up with no problems. There is a lot of bumping around as you may imagine being inside MsTioga. All of our other printers have failed because of that treatment.

Office Depot had the printer cartridges that we needed. About $23US each at today's exchange rate.
HP printer in its stowed position.

The Twin Towers.
It saddens me every time that I see the Twin Towers in a movie. And it is amazing how many movies have a scene showing these magnificent and tragic buildings.

The movie Moonstruck, one of my favorites of all-time, has such a scene.
The "Twin Towers" in Moonstruck.


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