Wednesday, December 10, 2008

8AM - Dirt!
I've taken pride in keeping MsTioga clean. A couple of days ago I was comfortably sitting in my living room and noticed that the kitchen mini-blind was very dirty. While inspecting the mini-blind, I found that the fan over the stove was a mess, sticky to the touch. The more that I looked, the more dirt that I found!

Where have I been? How did I let all this dirt accumulate? During the morning over the past three days I've spent considerable energy cleaning. And also thinking about dirt. It seems that I just did not look closely.

It takes a lot of attention to clean all the places in an RV where dirt lives.

Dilemma with Boid.
Little Boid is a very curious guy. He is fascinated by things that are very ordinary. Like a little piece of thread dangling from a curtain. When Boid finds such a thread, he pulls on it. Boid found a thread in the curtain blind at the front of MsTioga. And he turned it into a hole! After Boid made this hole I was very angry with him. Boid promised me that he would leave the hole alone. But this afternoon while I was taking a nap, Boid went at that hole again!

Boid and I had another talk. He promised me that he would not touch that hole ever again. Of course, Boid is a bird, and he does bird things. I do not want to cage Boid. He loves sooooo much to be free, and he is so very happy flying free inside MsTioga.

I am just going to have to put up with Boid's mischief. I patched the hole in the curtain with a piece of black electrical tape.
Talking with Boid about the curtain hole.

3PM - Camped in San Martín de Hidalgo.
We have made a Nite Camp in the City of San Martín de Hidalgo. On the way here, MsTioga filled her propane and fresh water tanks. Here in San Martín, I got some cash from the ATM at Bancomer.


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