Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Being thankful.
For awhile this morning, the town's loud speaker system was taken over by a lady talking about the Christmas season. The speaker system is usually used for announcing things for sale in stores and restaurants.

The voice spoke about how blessed is this town, and went on to list all the things for which to be thankful. The ocean providing food. No storms this year. How peaceful is Aticama. The voice went on naming various families who have received visits recently from family living in the "other side". Mexicans call the USA, "El otro lado" [The other side].

The voice suggested in closing that all should be thankful for what they have, and not be sad for what they don't have.

Listening to this voice made me soooooooo happy!

4PM - Moved Camp north.
The big family camped on the beach began to crank up their music systems this afternoon. So, we moved our Camp to the beach north of Aticama.

Take a look at our location on Google Earth [link below]. This beach is wide and goes on for many miles.
MsTioga on the beach.

View of mansion on the cliff.

Little Mavicito went close to the Ocean and took a pic looking east. This pic is made big so that you may zoom in to see the mansion on the cliff.
View of the mansion.

You've Got Mail!
During the evening our Camp on the beach got soooooooo quiet. No cars passed. Don't you love it when it is perfectly quiet?

I decided to watch a movie. Because it is a perfect nite to watch a movie. And the movie that I chose is "You've Got Mail." A love story! I am a sucker for love stories. Especially tear jerker love stories, which this one is.

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan fall for each other after they meet on the internet. My eyes are still damp as I type this post to you!

Merry Christmas. I hope that you get something wonderful.


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