Monday, December 08, 2008

Camping in a tiny town.
We on The TiogaRV Team love to make our Camps in small towns. In this rancho town of Santa Rosa de Lima, it is soooooo quiet. Even though our Camp is on the main road into town, there is hardly any traffic.

The persons who laid out Santa Rosa de Lima put the town well off the highway.

Returning slowly to Aticama.
Yesterday we confided in you that The Team is thinking about returning to our Camp in Aticama where we stayed next to the little river. At a Team Meeting this morning, we decided to go slowly back. Traveling a short distance when we drive.

What is our hurry?

11AM - Union de Tula.
MsTioga had not gone very far from our Nite Camp, when we came to the Town of Union de Tula. I've needed a haircut for a few weeks and unable to find a barbershop. A nice lady in a Main Street store told of a shop near the town plaza. After parking MsTioga, Little Mavicito and I drove on Mr. Trek to the salon.

After my haircut, I had lunch in a restaurant on the plaza. Then needing a nap, found a Camp next to a large sports field.
Theresa in front of her hair shop.

Lunch, only mildly spicy!


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