Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chano the fisherman.
On our morning walk, we went up to take a look at where the fire burned last nite. The fire looked pretty big and for awhile we were concerned that buildings were burning. This morning we found that it was only a fire to burn plants and trees cut from Hotel Paraiso.

Then we walked to look at the beach at the north end of Aticama. From that beach we are able to look along the edge of the bay almost up to San Blas. You may see that beach for yourself using our Google Earth link below.

Walking back to MsTioga, we stopped to visit with Chano the fisherman who lives across the river from our Camp. You may remember pics of Chano working on his fishing net. Chano has been repairing a large net which has holes eaten into the net bottom by lobsters and other sea creatures.
Chano repairing a large net.

Boid near the river.
During the morning a family from Tepic came to the river to collect rocks for a fountain at their home. A man with a Jeep came to wash his vehicle. And Little Boid went outside to enjoy the river and the gorgeous day!
Boid enjoying the river.


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