Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas on the beach.
It is Christmas day, and many people have their work day off. The beach where we are Camped is a popular destination for families living in Tepic.
Do you see the little beach restaurants?

Nirvana dilemma.

You may have detected that I've been going thru a dilemma lately. A nirvana dilemma. The nirvana that I write about is: "An ideal condition of rest, harmony, stability, or joy."

The first inkling that I may have reached a nirvana place was the day that I published my new header pic. The pic that you see now at the top of my blog. I chose that pic because it shows me in this seemingly perfect place which is the Town of Aticama.

A few weeks later when heading south, the thought of nirvana struck me again. That was when Mr. Datastorm drove outside of his satellite footprint. It came to me that I had left my nirvana place. So, I returned to Aticama.

But I am a vagabond, a guy who travels around. A vagabond who has found his nirvana. What a dilemma! Hmmmmm?


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