Monday, December 15, 2008

The day I lost Boid.
Last April while traveling thru southern Mexico, a problem happened with Boid. Little Boid was not permitted to cross a state border. I was forced to give Boid away to a local family. Boid was gone only for the nite. In the morning I got Boid back and he is with me to this day.

Of course I was very distraught at losing Boid. That nite I wrote and published a story to get my feelings out. This morning while doing file maintenance I found that un-linked story and would like to share it with you.

Staying in Tepic.
We are only a few hours away from our lovely beach Camp in Aticama. Do you recall Aticama? Our Camp next to the little river?

We want to return to that Aticama Camp. However, we have a few errands here in the City of Tepic. One of them is laundry. Our laundry will not be ready until 6pm. So we are staying the nite here in Tepic.

Mexico is an adventure!
If you have a chance to drive your RV into Mexico and live here, you should do it! I've been living in Mexico for five years part-time and one year full time. I am still on an adventure.

Even shopping is an adventure for me. There is a shopping mall anchored by a Ley store [something like WalMart]. I noticed a huge line going into the Mega Cable office in the mall. Mega Cable is a cable TV service. I asked a man standing in line what all these people were waiting to do? He told me that we are waiting to pay our bill. Isn't there another way to pay? He told me that this is the way we pay for service each month.

I imagine that it takes at least an hour to get to the head of this line! There must be another way for people with internet access to pay their bill. Wow!


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