Monday, December 22, 2008

Do you know how lucky you are?
Several emails have been received lately telling about how cold the weather is in some parts of the USA. One reader emailed, "Do you know how lucky you are?" I do know that I am a pretty lucky guy. But it's nice to be reminded!

We had a lot of visitors come to the river around our Camp over this weekend. This morning we picked up most of the trash and are taking it to Aticama's plaza where there are some big basura [trash] barrels.
Morning walk with the trash.

Restaurant Row in Aticama.
On the way back from our Morning Walk, Little Mavicito captured a pic showing the restaurants along the highway in the center of Aticama.

Although Aticama is a pretty small town, they have a lot of stores here. There are several restaurants off the highway too.
Restaurants along the highway in Aticama.


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