Thursday, December 18, 2008

The fisherman with the sailboat.
I visited with the fisherman with the sailboat this morning. He was repairing some of the heavy string which secures the sail to the mast and using a piece of aluminum beer can to cut the string. The "beer can" knife was not working, and I offered him a knife from MsTioga's kitchen.

"You are the only fisherman around here using a sail", I observed. He replied, "Sails cost a lot and others cannot buy them." "This sail is seven years old and still good", he said.
The sailboat.

La Familia!
All of the family has arrived. The last coming in this morning. Another tent was set up just behind MsTioga. A lot of work to set up this tent.
Working at the tent.

Pounding in the stakes.

5PM - We moved across the highway.
Unfortunately, we felt it necessary to move from our Camp. The family who we enjoyed so much, have been playing very loud music. All day and all night long, this music plays. With a very loud background drum beat.

So, we have moved across the highway. We are still Camped next to the little river, as you may see in the pic below. The sound of the family music still comes across, even in this location. However here, it is much quieter!
Our new Camp.


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