Monday, December 01, 2008

Good Morning Baby Bird!
It took only about five days for Little Boid to learn to say, "Good Morning." Somehow when he began to mime my Good Mornings, Boid on his own connected "Baby Bird" which he already spoke. So now Boid says, "Good Morning Baby Bird!"
Brainy Baby Boid!

November, 2008 Budget Report.
You may remember that recently I made a goal of trying to live within my Social Security income. Worldwide financial problems encourages me to be thrifty and save $money. By living in Mexico and reducing the amount of miles MsTioga travels, expenses are minimized.

If you would like to take a peek at the TiogaRV Team Budget Report, click [here].

12 Noon - Camped near Bahia Banderas.
Earlier this morning I walked from our Camp at Punta Mita toward the Ocean. This walk passed thru an ordinary Mexican neighborhood. Not a high priced neighborhood as I had expected.

I found a place to Camp with MsTioga. The head of Bahia Banderas [Flags Bay] is about a couple of hundred yards away. There is a construction project along the bay. A gorgeous place with swimming pools along the white sand beach. Little Mavicito and I are going out to take some pics to share with you.

1:30PM - Back from the Bay!

Close by our Camp, we found a beach access walkway. Little Mavicito and I walked along the beach looking at the marvelous building which appears to be in the final stage of construction. In the rear are garages, all with electric door openers.

We stopped in a nearby tiny grocery store to do some shopping. The clerk told us that these new buildings were not here eight years ago. Back then, there was no construction along the beach.
Punta Mita beach along Bahia Banderas.

In the pic below, Little Mavicito is looking east from the same place he took the pic above of the condo. The mountains that you see in the distance are the Sierra Madre Del Sur. Puerto Vallarta is on the other side of the point of land.
Empty beach in Punta Mita.


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