Saturday, December 27, 2008

High Tide!
Last nite we Camped next to the Little River. This morning MsTioga and The Team have returned to our beach Camp north of Aticama. What a surprise to find that the morning's tide had moved beyond our Camp. Wow!

When we read the tide chart yesterday, it showed that the tide would be going lower over the next few days. We must have read the wrong date for that tide chart. Lucky that we moved off the beach.

Teaching Boid more stuff.

More people come to the beach on weekends. When people walk past MsTioga and see Little Boid looking at them from our window, they are surprised. Looking out the window is one of Little Boid's favorite things.

Lately, I have been teaching Boid a new phrase. It is: "Give a kiss." You would be surprised how often when I say "Give a kiss" to Boid that he actually gives me a kiss.
Give a kiss.

Fish supper.
While walking on the beach we saw several families cooking. Some had gas stoves, and some built fires for food prep. There are restaurants along the beach too.

Back in MsTioga's kitchen, I prepared a nice fish supper.
I love to cook!

4:30PM - Back at Aticama's Little River.
Yesterday we returned to Aticama to do shopping and remained over nite at the Little River. This turned out great! MsTioga was able to do some driving, which she likes to do everyday. Little Boid loves to do some traveling. And I got to take a bath in the Little River.

Maybe this should be our everyday thing. Go to the beach in the morning, and return to the Little River at nite! Hmmmm?

While I'm typing this post to you, Luciano Pavarotti is singing "O Sole Mio" on the XM Radio. Perfecto!


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