Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kosher Mexican Milk!
Being a Jewish guy, I am surprised to find Jewish things here in Mexico. Remember that synagogue up in the Sierras this past summer?

This morning while eating my favorite cereal, Kellogg's Extra topped with cut-up banana, I was surprised again. The bottle of Mexican milk is Kosher, and has a Kosher certification seal.
Kosher milk.

The wonder of Challenge!
When first beginning to be a fulltimer in 2003, I was financially challenged. With an income of less than $1,000/month there was no way that I would be able to pay rent. And that is the reason that I planned to never stay in RV campgrounds.

However, what a fantastic benefit this financial challenge has proven to be for me. I was forced to look for dry or boondock camps. What great adventures I have had because of searching for camps!

Even now this challenge pays such wonderful dividends. Would I be camped on this fabulous beach without challenge? Traveling each nite to the Little River for my bath? Or would I be staying in an RV campground with full hookups?


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