Saturday, December 20, 2008

My friend Carlos.
This morning MsTioga needs to fill her fresh water tank. There are hose bibbs in the plaza at the center of Aticama. It is necessary to go early in the day to get water, because later when the homes of the pueblo are using water, the pressure goes down to a trickle.

Just as we arrived at the plaza, my friend Carlos walked up. Carlos lived for several years in Los Angeles, California. He was born here in Aticama. Carlos' grandmother owns a restaurant in Aticama. Carlos works at the restaurant.

Carlos is a very nice and friendly guy and comes over often to visit with me.
Jorge and Carlos.

Little Mavicito won't focus!
While working with the pic above, it was noticed that the image was not in focus. This is very unusual, because Little Mavicito takes very clear pics.

However, upon checking Little Mavicito out, we found something wrong with him. He will not focus anymore! Wow!

Little Mavicito is a Nikon Coolpix P60. I usually use the camera in auto-focus mode. When the shoot button is pressed half-way, the focus rectangle should be green indicating that that camera is in focus. Now, the focus rectangle is always red. Not in focus.

Little Mavicito is working again!

Thank you to Rodi, TGT and Croft for posting in ShoutBox to reset Little Mavicito back to factory defaults. I suspect now that somehow the battery setting got messed up.

Here is a pic of Baby Boid to show that Little Mavicito is working again!
An in-focus pic!

Washing in the river.
Yesterday Little Mavicito took a pic of three ladies bathing in the river. Later on, I took a bath in the river too.

Today people came and drove their truck into the river and washed it. Below is a pic of two ladies doing their laundry in the river. On the way to the market, I asked these ladies why they washed their clothes in the river? They both told me that they do not have water in their homes.
Doing laundry in the river.


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